A Box2D based V (hanging) plotter simulator. The underlying physics engine enables to test the algorithms for a V-plotter in a fast and convenient way without building an actual machine. It is also a very nice way to test my SVG to GCode converter, juicy-gcode.


For executing gcode, open sym_gcode.html in a web browser, copy some gcode (or try the default one) into the textarea and push the run button. For executing steps generated by gensteps.js, use sym_steps.html instead.

You can also run them directly, online: gcode, steps.

Please note that the drawing area of the plotter is 80cm x 80cm; out of this area the plotter becomes unrealistic as I used Box2D distance joint for the strings, because it does not offer a proper rope implementation.


It is mainly designed to work with the gcode generated by juicy-gcode. It should work with every kind of gcode, but it is not well tested. The plotter draws when the Z coordinate is 0.


Please file an issue if you run into a problem (or drop me an email to